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Why Snapchat is rapidly becoming so popular?

News 11:07 July 2018:

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This photo messaging app allows users to capture photos as well as videos and then transmit them to a regulated audience wherein this audience comprises of the user’s buddies.
In point of fact, the most fundamental feature of Snapchat that makes it unique from other social media application is the reality that after the receiver views the snap, then, it’s going to be gone for good and will be omitted from the server of Snapchat. But, of course, this is unless some naughty users took a screenshot of the snap. The only good thing about this is that the sender will be informed if certain incident took place.
Obviously, the main reason why more and more Snapchat views are being recorded every day is that users find this app very fun and interesting. As you can see, sending an image or video immediately to a buddy with funny and exciting caption is certainly perceived as much better as compared sending a text message which is seen today as just plain and boring.
What is more, it is a lot easier to view a snap, all you need to do is to tap the received message and after’s this shall play out in full screen.