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Twitter Research on Promoted Tweets

News 11:07 July 2018:

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According to CNBS, twitter recently launched a study to evaluate the effectiveness of promoted tweets. The research findings revealed what may be considered to be a motivation for small business owners to use auto retweet. Based on the findings of this research, using promoted tweets and automatic retweet resulted in increased brand awareness among the consumers and increased sales for the business owners.

The research, which was paid for by Twitter, was carried out by Kantar’s compete market research division. It evaluated 7,600 users, on the basis of their interaction with over 700 brands. According to the research findings, the users who had been exposed to these promoted tweets were more likely to visit the twitter page of the retailer, visit the retailer’s online store and even make a purchase, as compared to the users who had not been exposed to such posts.

This shows that promoted tweets, incorporating auto retweet, is an outstanding and affordable marketing strategy for small businesses.