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Cracking the Code: How to Break Into the Most Popular List on Instagram

instagramfollowersboxOne of the best ways to stroke your ego and get recognized for your hard work on Instagram is to break into the list of the most popular photographers on Instagram, which is known as Most Popular.

For the avid photo poster, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than getting that email from the team at Instagram congratulating you on making it into this coveted list.  Soon after, your number of USA Instagram Followers  will increase rapidly.  This will be an exceptionally exciting time for you.

Now you may be wondering, however, just how an individual can make it into this highly sought after position.  There are actually several different strategies you can use.  So, just what is the secret to becoming the most popular on Instagram?  Well, the algorithm used for deciding who are the most popular photographers on Instagram remains a mystery; however, the number of likes you receive and how quickly you receive them seems quite an important factor.  The number of likes you receive is in direct proportion to the number of Instagram followers USA that you have.  That said, it also doesn’t hurt to actually put time and effort into your profile so that people know you take pride in your work.

Similar to the social networking site Twitter, following many users is one of the easiest ways to obtain followers, as those that you have followed will normally follow you back in return.  At the same time, however, taking pride in your photos, striving to be the best you can be, consistency, and patience is the most natural means to get Instagram followers.

Take into account that there are more than a million Instagram users on the planet.  Instagram is a global application and location can be quite important when attempting to break into the Most Popular list on Instagram.

If you reside in a country, such as Japan, China, or the United States, it is much easier to obtain more followers just by the sheer number of users in these countries; however, your location is not the only factor.  When you post your photos is also something to take into consideration.  Soon, it is possible that Instagram may change up its current algorithm to reflect acquiring new territory, such as accepting photos from more different locations and make local factors more integrated with how they choose those that will enter the Most Popular list.

As stated, the time when you post your photos is also a factor you should take into consideration.  It has been shown that early morning and late evening are the best times to post your new photos, as this is when the majority of users check their accounts and browse through others’ accounts.  Follow this advice and you should find yourself in the Most Popular list sooner than you think.