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Posts that get Automatic Retweets

News 03:03 March 2017:

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There are certain posts that when tweeted get retweets instantaneously. And the tweets often grow into the hundreds and thousands in just seconds. Breaking news for instance can get retweets quite fast, with news of death and disasters getting the highest number of instant retweets. So, if you are the person who wants instant retweets for every posts your make, consider posts in the line of breaking news. You can achieve this by either following the leading world news websites or by staying updated with events as they happen.

And actually, seeing your posts get automatic retweets can be quite gratifying. It almost makes you feel like a celebrity, plus the fact that most people who will retweet your posts may consider following. But in as much as you would like to be the bearer of hard news, you should learn to be credible. Only tweet things after you have confirmed they are genuine and real. If you make the mistake of tweeting lies even for once, your quick fifteen seconds of automatic retweets could result into massive unfollowing and broken trust from all those people who used to retweet your posts. Besides breaking news, funny jokes can get you retweets incredibly fast.