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Interacting on Soundcloud: Soundcloud Likes & Followers

News 11:07 July 2018:

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Soundcloud likes are one of the ways in which individuals interact on the site. These likes can be put on a page, on a post, or on a video playlist that an individual shares with others. These likes are valuable in that they demonstrate positive reaction to said posting and also in that they can build upon themselves. An initial posting with lots of likes is likely to draw more Soundcloud likes by those users on that particular account in the future. It, then, demonstrates an investment in someone’s potential liking of an account.

Another way that individuals can interact on the social media site known as Soundcloud is through following an account. These users, unlike Soundcloud likes alone, are directly choosing to become a part of that account’s following. That means that they are more likely to see the posts in the future, and they are more likely to become involved in the account through Soundcloud likes and through comments. A follower is someone that comes in the door and stays, whereas Soundcloud likes are the keys to that door. Both are important and both play off of each other, making them a dual-sided part of the social media game.