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How Do Promoted Tweets Work?

News 04:08 August 2018:

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Recently, Twitter unveiled a new tool, referred to as promoted tweets. This tool is capable of putting ads in Twitter search results and eventually moves them to user feeds. So, how does this help you, as a business owner, to succeed in your marketing endeavour?

If a user searches for a specific word on twitter, the promoted accounts will appear first on the user’s search results, before any other conversations on the same search words are displayed. As such, promoted tweets are essentially tweets that have been promoted by a brand on Twitter. Owing to their effectiveness, just like automatic retweet services, an array of big brands as well as small business owners are using promoted retweets to reach more audience with their advertisements on this social media platform.

The ability of promoted tweets to resonate with business users is what sets them apart from conventional tweets. They have the ability to grow the revenue for your business by rapidly increasing sales. As such, you should consider using this method, along with auto retweet services to expose your business on twitter.