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Hiding An Automatic Like, That Seems Offensive.

News 10:09 September 2018:

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There are at times you log into your Twitter account and see an automatic like from a person you don’t follow nor follows you. Such instances arise suspicions and questions especially if you don’t subscribe to liked content. The content can be touching on religion, sexual orientation or racial remarks depending on our perspective or how we see it. You should not worry because it is simple to avoid tweets from third party tweets. First, recognize and confirm that you are not following the handle that liked the content. The way Twitter was developed, someone you don’t follow can tweet something, but it will be liked by the tweep you following. The handle that initiated the automatic likes is usually displayed next to the like icon above the original tweet in grey. The like icon is displayed in green.

The trouble arises because you cannot delete the likes on your timeline. What happens when the likes persist yet you don’t want to unfollow the individual? It is simple, turn off selectively the likes of that individual without unfollowing. If you opt for this, you have to do it individually as by visiting their profiles. It is effective as all their automatic likes will not reach your wall but you will still see their original ones. However this will act going forward, previous tweets will remain on your timeline.