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News 10:09 September 2018:

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The Twitter is designed for people who want to share their views and ideas on something. They can share any ideas that they have, they can share it to the world, which other people can see it. Having the capability to see other people’s tweet also give them the capability to follow any particular person.


There is no way to send a request to follow other users. Though, at some point, other users can send a response asking other users to follow them. And this is not a nice way to have or gain friend or Twitter followers.


Even third party applications cannot help users to get a bunch of followers. These apps will just make users’ account to be suspended.


The best and easiest way to gain friends or Twitter followers is to learn how to engage with other people. Being interested with their views and opinions or being interactive with some of the issue will definitely help users to gain followers. Starting with your known friends, your siblings, and family, you’ll surely have more followers simply by sharing tweets that would attract interest of many people. Even a word of mouth can help you.