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3 Simple Ways to Gain a Better Following on Instagram

imagesWhen it first began, Instagram was only available for iPhone users. Now, however, it has been developed for Android cell phone users, opening up the field wide for more people to participate.  Not only can you post and share your own photos, but you can also take a look at what other members have photographed.  You can also engage with celebrities that you are fascinated with.  If you look at Instagram’s press page, you will see just how popular this social network has become.  It shows that there are more than one hundred million users each month who post about forty million new photos each day.

Now, when you own a business, it is imperative that you get your name out to the masses.  You can do this simply by creating accounts with all of the major social networking sites, especially Instagram.  You can build a bond with your customers in this respect.  This can be helpful for promoting existing products or for introducing new ones.  What’s even greater is the fact that you can target your posts and photos to exactly the audience you are looking for.  The following is just a few suggestions for upping your number of

Have a Contest

 Everyone loves the sport involved in joining a contest, such as the excitement you feel when you are a winner.  Having a contest on Instagram will certainly make your number of followers jump.  Once you obtain your followers, however, you want to make sure that you keep them.  Encourage your followers to engage with you or participate in the contest.  One idea would be to have a photo contest where the prize is one of your products.

Cross Promote

 When you are setting up your Instagram account, it’s a great idea to have it linked to any other social networks that you use, such as Facebook or Twitter.  This way, when you post something to Instagram, it will automatically post to these accounts, as well.  This leads to an increase in exposure, as well as engaging your Instagram followers more.

Personalize the Experience

With Instagram, it is easy to personalize your brand.  This will enable other users and potential followers to feel more in touch with who you are and what your company stands for.  If you are a small business that operates out of your home, share a photo of your office space, maybe even include the family dog in the picture.  If you are a bigger company and you have an actual physical store, it is a good idea to take a few photos of your employees while they are working.  By doing this, you can create a bond with your followers, gain new followers, and give all users something of value overall.

Cracking the Code: How to Break Into the Most Popular List on Instagram

instagramfollowersboxOne of the best ways to stroke your ego and get recognized for your hard work on Instagram is to break into the list of the most popular photographers on Instagram, which is known as Most Popular.

For the avid photo poster, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than getting that email from the team at Instagram congratulating you on making it into this coveted list.  Soon after, your number of USA Instagram Followers  will increase rapidly.  This will be an exceptionally exciting time for you.

Now you may be wondering, however, just how an individual can make it into this highly sought after position.  There are actually several different strategies you can use.  So, just what is the secret to becoming the most popular on Instagram?  Well, the algorithm used for deciding who are the most popular photographers on Instagram remains a mystery; however, the number of likes you receive and how quickly you receive them seems quite an important factor.  The number of likes you receive is in direct proportion to the number of Instagram followers USA that you have.  That said, it also doesn’t hurt to actually put time and effort into your profile so that people know you take pride in your work.

Similar to the social networking site Twitter, following many users is one of the easiest ways to obtain followers, as those that you have followed will normally follow you back in return.  At the same time, however, taking pride in your photos, striving to be the best you can be, consistency, and patience is the most natural means to get Instagram followers.

Take into account that there are more than a million Instagram users on the planet.  Instagram is a global application and location can be quite important when attempting to break into the Most Popular list on Instagram.

If you reside in a country, such as Japan, China, or the United States, it is much easier to obtain more followers just by the sheer number of users in these countries; however, your location is not the only factor.  When you post your photos is also something to take into consideration.  Soon, it is possible that Instagram may change up its current algorithm to reflect acquiring new territory, such as accepting photos from more different locations and make local factors more integrated with how they choose those that will enter the Most Popular list.

As stated, the time when you post your photos is also a factor you should take into consideration.  It has been shown that early morning and late evening are the best times to post your new photos, as this is when the majority of users check their accounts and browse through others’ accounts.  Follow this advice and you should find yourself in the Most Popular list sooner than you think.



How to Obtain More Instagram Followers

instagram-followersPeople of all ages love taking photos. In this internet age, it has become more and more easy to share those photos with not only your family and friends, but also with the entire world. Instagram is an application that allows iPhone and Android users to upload and share their photos within the Instagram platform and even share to their social networking pages, such as Facebook. If you are seeking to get twitter followers USA, follow the tips below.

First of all, you want to be selective when choosing what photos to share. You want your photos to be pleasing and to provide a sense of value to those viewing them. For instance, nobody needs a photo journal of the meals you had today or to see how great you look in your new jeans. Share only your very best shots. Also, never share a bunch of your photos all at once, because although you may have some really great shots, people are bound to miss them. Space out your uploads so that people can see all that your photos have to offer.

The use of hashtags has also become quite popular as of late. The use of hashtags can prove extremely beneficial when trying to get Instagram followers USA. For instance, if you are sharing pictures of the Golden Gate bridge, it would be wise to use #goldengate or #sanfrancisco as your hashtags, as these are the keywords that are most associated with this particular bridge.

Another way to up your amount of Instagram followers is to geotag your pictures. People like viewing pictures of places that they know of. Also, once you geotag a photo, other photos from that same location will pop up for you to view. In turn, your photos can be viewed by others who are posting pictures of that location. This is a great way to obtain more Instagram followers USA.

If you want the most followers, you must give and you shall then receive. By following others whose pictures intrigue you, those photographers may look at your profile to see your photos. Most people that you begin following will follow you back. However, don’t try following everyone thinking that you will gain more followers in this way. The more critically you choose who to follow, the better your results will be.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to simply sharing on Instagram. Be bold and share your photos across the other social networking sites that you are a member of, such as to your Facebook page. This will not only give you more visibility, but it makes it easier for others to find your work, thus creating great potential for upping your followers.